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Chronicles of a Wanderer

This LJ account is used 90% of the time to just lurk communities.

Add me if you want; I'm mildly entertaining to talk to.

un-needed/basic info about me:
♠Primary Functions: student, "star maker", explorer,
♠Height: 165cm/5'6"
♠Birthdate: 10/23
♠Favorite Animal(s):Snake/jellyfish/rabbit
♠Favorite Food: fish

80's things, 90's cartoons, abandoned places, aesthetics, airsoft guns, alice in wonderland, alone time, ambient music, amelie poulin, androids, antiques, arcade games, astronomy, asymmetrical earrings, aurora, beef steak, black peace, blacklights, blowing bubbles, british slang, camilla derrico, charms, classic disney movies, clinical psychology, crafts, creative photography, creepy things, crystal castles, curls, cute print ads, dance dance revolution, daydreams, doll-like clothing, dragon ball z, drawing, dunnys, duran duran, eel, exercise, exploring, fake nails, fashion, feigning innocence, final fantasy, flower prints, foreign films, foreign foods, forests, france gall, french language, friends with you, gansta rap, gardening, glow-in-the-dark, gore, graffiti, greek and roman mythology, hairstyling, harvest moon, jack!, japanese street fashion, jellyfish, jokes, katamari, kidrobot, leopard print, lolita, long drives, loose socks, madeline, makeup, matching sets, memes, mist, movies, nail art, naps, nicoletta ceccoli, nintendo ds, ocean, old tim burton movies, oversized sweaters, paper stars, personal jokes, piano, piercings, pinup, pixie cuts, platform shoes, pokémon, polka dots, pop art, psychological disorders, rain, reading, ribbons, robots, rpgs, sailor moon, sales, secret singing, sharks, shoes with bows, shopping, sidewalk chalk, silent hill, sleepovers, snow, soft skin, splatter paint, spock, star making, switching r's and l's, tartan, techno, telefon tel aviv, thrifting, trance, traveling, venomous snakes, vespa, video game soundtracks, video games, villains, vintage fashion, vinyl toys, walking, water, wigs, wii, yann tiersen, zelda